Ray Path Healing:Blessing Technique Online Workshop

Working with sound, colour and angelic symbols for blessing the chakras and strengthening the auric field

What is the Ray Path Healing Blessings Technique?

To strengthen, purify and align the main 9 chakras and the human aura (energy field).

There are eight human chakras and one angelic chakra that are worked with.

The main eight human chakras are; earth star, base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.

The soul star is the “feet” of your higher self or solar angel. This chakra is angelic in origin and a part of your higher self.

It is a higher or celestial chakra.

During this workshop we will learn about and explore the Ray Path Healing symbols for blessing and aligning the energy centres (chakras), from earth star to soul star.

We will learn how to bless and connect with the chakras for inspiration and daily guidance.

Learning how to bless your chakras also helps them function better and from a better place internally within you.

There have been many different and varied experiments done to show Ray Path Healing:Blessing Technique Online Workshop thoughts and feelings affect and effect you.

Blessing your chakras with the Ray Path Healing Blessing Technique symbols, is a powerful way to send your chakras “good thoughts”, which not only helps them function better but will help you feel internally better about yourself as well.

You will also learn about in detail, the main 9 chakras worked with (their location and purpose).

The aim of this workshop is to also deepen your connection to and understanding of meditating on colour, symbols and sound (words/invocations) for aiding with personal well-being.  

Summary of purpose of this workshop:

•            To strengthen the chakras

•            To help keep the chakras clear

•            To align the personal self and personality

•            To strengthen the aura

•            To deepen your personal connection to yourself and assist with healthy relationships and connections around you on a daily basis.

•            To bring a deep sense of calm and peace into your life and world around you.

You will be taught these techniques through a unique and fun blend of theory, discussion and guided mediation.

You will also receive two fully illustrated instruction manuals detailing all techniques and material taught.

This workshop will be facilitated as specified below by Christina.


May the 19th 2023 6pm to 8.30pm

May the 20th 2023 10.30am to 4.30pm

Ray Path Blessings Technique Workshop

Tools and techniques to bless and cleanse the chakras 19th/20th of May 2023.


Next available workshop

Friday the 14th of July 6pm to 8.30pm Saturday 10.30 am to 4.30pm.

Ray Path Healing Blessings Technique Workshop

14/15th of July 2023. Tools and techniques to heal, cleanse and bless the chakras.


There will be a short break in the middle of each class together with a lunch break on the full day.

Cost: This workshop is charged at €250.

Cost includes a beautifully illustrated instruction manual.

You will also receive a certificate of attendance if all classes are attended in full.

Location: Zoom online classes. Please make sure your internet connection is working properly.

Requirements: This is an entry level workshop. No prior energy therapy work or expertise is required.

You will be asked to sign and return a registration form and due to the discount being offered, payment in full is required to hold your place.

When payment in full has been made, two weeks before the classes start, class participants will receive all Zoom meeting links and student manual.

Contact Christina at: 00353-896057885


website: www.mindbodysoul.ie

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