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Do you find you are holding yourself back in life due to something that happened to you when you were young,.. even the smallest thing can have a major impact a person, that can lead to traumatic scarring, from the person that constantly put you down or told you “you’d never amount to anything“, “boys dont cry” or the incident that left you feeling completely numb.

All of these external situations affect the internal functioning of our lives, our cells, thoughts, feelings, worries and fears, as we continue to carry them with us long after the moment is gone.

In many cases people go through life not fully living up to their full potential, not allowing themselves to be their true self, and say how they truly feel, as the saying goes “be seen not heard”. It has been programmed into us to only express ourselves in a way that is suitable for the environment we are in.

Are you lacking in confidence and self-esteem in some area of your life?

Did you lack the support growing up to help you become the best version of yourself? 

Are you holding on to these emotions and carrying them forward true life only slows you down and stops you from being able to live up to your true potential and to fully enjoy life.

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Would you like to free yourself from a past event and heal the trapped emotions and negative thoughts that are holding you back from the best version of yourself?

Are you ready to give your inner child the nurture, support, and love that (s)he needs?

Would you like to re-learn how to express yourself, safely and confidently, learn to enjoy living your life more fully more authentically?.

As with all hypnotherapy sessions, the client’s privacy and well-being is of the upmost importance.  Inner child work being extremely sensitive in nature requires a programme with a minimum of six sessions to allow you to know you are safe at all times.

This process gently eases you through a non-invasive, safe process, at a pace that you are comfortable with allowing for the natural healing and Adaption to occur to Overcome this Challenge.

This programme uses tools and techniques from other Psychotherapies. Sessions are carried out on a weekly basis over a period of time, with ongoing support, some gentle homework, clarity calls, mind coaching, together with MP3 recordings based on your needs.

It is time to be seen and heard and allow full expression of your authentic self to shine!.

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