I.E.T. Healing

As we journey through life, our body energy flow can become limited and restricted therefore creating energy stagnation which can lead to dis-ease, exhaustion etc. I.E.T. is attuned to Archangel Ariel.

The therapist acts as a compassionate channel for this healing energy which provides a safe and gentle treatment to facilitate opening the flow of vital life force within the energy field and body dissipating the negative suppressed feelings of guilt, mistrust, worry, powerlessness, lack of self esteem/worth, past hurt, stress, fear, self-limiting thoughts/blockages, karma from cellular memory and clearing up their associated blockages (getting the issues out of the tissues).

It is then energised and integrated with positive healthy energy together with supporting the body’s ability to establish and maintain a healthy flow of energy through the pathways leading to a more positive healthy balance within the energy field and body.

The use of advance I.E.T. techniques also help Integrate your Souls Energetic Potential, Envision, Embrace and Enact on your Soul Mission to allow for Integration of your Soul Mission and Heart Desires come to fruition.

Would you like to explore what I.E.T. has to offer, and see how your life changes towards a more positively, healthy, balanced pathway of newfound freedom of love, joy, happiness and ease.

Photo by Ben Mack on Pexels.com

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