Hypnotherapy enables you to experience a natural level of relaxation, when the critical conscious mind is relaxed, the subconscious mind in open and receptive to positive suggestions, allowing for a successfull outcome of new modes of thinking, behaving and feeling to be created and accepted.

Mind coaching synthesises the learning between the subconscious and conscious mind, providing you with tools and techniques to facilitate consistency, progress, and coping skills giving you the power and control over your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

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MindBodySoul offers Solution focused, heart centered based Hypnotherapy utilising effective tools and interventions from other Psychotherapies that work to resolve your challenges, all of which are completely safe, as you the client are in control, having the ability to come out of Hypnosis at any time should you choose. .

Programmes are suited based on your Individual needs, which also include support calls, mind coaching tools and mp3 recordings.

All sessions are currently carried out in a safe and secure online environment due to the health, safety, and well-being of the client.

Challenges Overcome

Addictions & Substance AbuseBereavement
Breaking Unhealthy HabitsConcentration
Confidence BoostingDepression
Emotional DisordersFears & Phobias
Goal SettingGuilty Consciousness
Hypnosis for ChildrenInner Child Healing
Inter-personal RelationshipsMotivation
Nail-bitingPain Management
Procrastination Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Public SpeakingRegression
Smoking CessationSports Performance
Stress ManagementTrichotillomania

If there is a challenge you are experiencing not listed, please contact us for more information.

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If you are suffering from a serious mental health condition, always consult your doctor prior to commencing treatment.

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