House Clearing/Healing

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House clearings are an energetic de-cluttering of your home which cleanses and protects your home, surrounding area and its inhabitants, eliminating any run of bad luck, any built up stagnent or lower energies.

It releases and cleans all the energies that have become stuck over time.

Work is then carried out on each of the occupants.

Angelic Blessings are then carried out on the home to bring in more positive, healthy energies, allowing for a more harmonious environment..

Price is calcuated case by case depending on the size of the house and the number of occupants.

Advanced Personal Clearing/Healing

Do you feel stuck in areas of your life or feel like your having a run of bad luck?,

Are you always overthinking/Catastrophic outlook, is anxiety getting you down?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Would you like your life to go smoother?

Would you love to feel peace and calmness of the mind ?

Would you like to experience good luck and improvements in all areas of your life?

Advanced clearing is a powerful process that works not only on the physical, mental and emotional bodies but it also works at a deep soul level.

This Angelic guided healing clears all lower or stagnant energies or bad luck that has been holding you back.

Angelic Healing and Blessings are then Integrated to ensure life goes smoothly, working out in your favour in alignment with your highest good, building healthy relationships/boundaries.

You will feel better, calmer, peaceful and more joy in your life and become aware of more blessings entering your every day life.

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