Esoteric Aura Reading

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Esoteric Auric Readings can provide you with the answers, guidance, support and understanding you seek to what is currently happening to you and in your environment, by providing in depth detailed report on the condition of the body, the aura layers, the chakras, the central channel, the weaving of the Antahkarna threads together with the development of the heart centre petals.

If it is just for advice, general queries/direction or for knowledge/understanding on the developmental stages of your Rainbow Bridge or Ray Path Healing Journey Esoteric Aura Readings can provide the information you require.

Esoteric Aura Readings can include some of the following : –
The condition of the Central Channel
The condition of the Chakras
The Condition of the Aura Layers Physical, Emotional, Mental.
The Antakaharana Threads and the Heart Centre Petals
The Ray make up
The Soul Star
Any other information that may present itself
Any questions/queries

Readings are being carried out remotely, a report will be provided which will include any questions/queries you may have.

Esoteric Aura Reading:-


Reading Call


Cost €70

Combined Reading and Healing best suited for your needs based on your Reading.

Cost €120

Esoteric Aura Reading Includes:




Audio Recording,

Guidance/Recommendations for areas of development

Cost €120

Alternatively you could book in for a combined remote Reading and Healing session including recorded report.

Combined Reading and Healing session Includes:-


Combined Reading (as above)

Healing Session best suited based on your Reading/Request


Guidance/Recommendations based on the Healing carried out

Cost €160

Booking Form:-

For more information or booking

please contact

or Christina on 089-6057885.

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