Covid 19 Stress Buster

  • Has COVID-19 negatively affected your mental, emotional, and physical health?
  • Are fear and anxiety getting you down?.
  • Are you frustrated with the changes that have greatly impacted your life?.
  • Would you like to release all the stress and tension caused by the current situation?
  • Would you like to learn tools and techniques to help you to deal with these adjustments?.
  • Would you like to feel calmer and more at ease in yourself regardless of what is happening around you?

Covid 19 has greatly impacted the lives of everybody, many suffering from traumatic experiences, perhaps not getting to see loved ones before the passed away, not being able to visit friends, family or neighbours, changes to work life balance.  This negative impact has greatly affected the quality of living, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Think of the word COVID-19 for a few seconds, now pay attention to how your body feels when you say or hear the word COVID-19.

Do you know notice tension levels rising, are you getting stressed, is frustration coming over you?

Any and all negative thoughts or situations have a ripple effect on the body.  Holding on to built up tension and stress over prolonged periods of time causes adrenaline and cortisol levels to rise, weakening your immune system, leading to dis-ease in the body causing injury or illness. can help you cope and deal with stressful situations better.

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Regardless of the external circumstances, you have full control over what happens internally. 

Your Mental Health is vital for your Physical Well Being.

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