Bio Energy Healing

Bio Energy Healing When your body is healthy it functions efficiently and effectively with balance energy levels. The body’s chakras (energy systems) relates to your energy field, when the body experiences stressors or emotional stimuli, it affects the cells, organs and systems therefore creating dis-ease or illness in the body.

Working on the chakras using hands on and hands off technique helps clears out blockages, stimulate the energy system, boosts the immune system, reinforces your auric field, calms the emotional and mental bodies promoting a healthy balanced energy system.

Chakra Imbalances…

  • Crown – Depressed/anxious, spiritually disconnected, frustrated, judging
  • Third – Inability to set/plan goals, poor intuition, lack of imagination, pre occupied mind
  • Throat – Thyroid imbalances, timid, judgement, passive aggressive behaviour, gossiping
  • Heart – Chronic stress, heart ache, inability to forgive, give & receive love, codependent
  • Solar – low confidence/self esteem, self expression, anxiety & chronic stress, diabetes
  • Sacral – unhealthy boundaries, mood swings, sexual imbalances, reproductive problems
  • Base – self neglect, arrgession, materialistic, anxious, paranoid, resistant to change

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