Ray Path Healing

Ray Path Healing is a phased healing process which includes working with the angelic realms in a safe and healthy manner to heal, cleanse and integrate the personality bodies and energy centres (Chakra centres).

Ray Path healing angelically cleanses and widens the vertical channel, heals the chakra centres, heals and resolves external and internal patterns, programs and beliefs, speeds up Antahkarana thread weaving enabling heart centre petals to unfold.

Chloe Folan Clairvoyant is the Esoteric Reader for Rainbow Bridge Techniques and has been guiding people internationally on their process throughout the years, due to her proficient perception she has developed Ray Path Healing to provide another modality of heart centre petal opening and Antahkarana thread weaving process building to your Ray Path and developing of Spiritual Gifts.

Ray Path healing is safe for both Adults and Children.

visit www.chloefolan.com for more information.

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